Tints & Coats


Our tints and coat section is where you can customise your lenses to any colour of your choice. Our lab technicians will make your colour dream come true. From the traditional colours such as brown, grey or green to more sophisticated shades and gradations, including sample matching.


We can also produce all coating available on the market such as the SHM coating which is a top quality anti-reflection and hard coating with an excellent Super-Hydrophobic top coat that optimises lens performance in terms of transparency and ease of cleaning. The hard coating on both sides of the lens protects from scratches and abrasions for a much longer life.


Digital Blue is the new coating that filters out harmful blue light present in artificial light, particularly that emitted by the screens of such modern devices as TVs, computers, tablets and smartphones. Specifically designed to limit the damage caused by blue light, the "Digital Blue" coating is a filter that protects the eyes from harmful radiation.


Mirrored lenses improve the performance of the lenses outdoors, especially for those who practice outdoor activities and sports. Mirror coating can be applied to any plastic lens, be it a single vision or progressive, in a range of colours to include blue, silver, red and gold.