Vision Opticians and Sunglass & Sunglass are two retail brands which are operated independently as a subsidiary company of Class Optical.


Vision Opticians was setup in 1996 with a small point of sale in the Main road of Fgura, a busy town in the South of Malta. Today it has grown to encompass several outlets, all around the island and the Fgura outlet has expanded considerably to become one of the biggest optical stores in the south of Malta. Our new flagship store at The Shoreline Mall is our latest addition, carrying the widest range of eyewear and eyecare products in an attractive local ambiance.


Practically all the Vision Opticians outlets offer onsite optical clinic services, frequented by independent leading optometrists, ophthalmologists as well as orthoptists. The company also employsits own resident optometrist.


The retail eyewear specialist team undergo ongoing training to ensure their technical, brand and customer care knowledge and skills are always top of the game.


Recently this retail arm branched out into a sun specialist chain ‘Sunglass & Sunglass’ which proudly opened its first outlet in the midst of Republic Street Valletta, Malta’s capital followed very quickly by another opening in the heart of Gozo.

Vision Opticians prides itself as a high-quality optical chain which is accommodating to the needs of all type of customers while boasting a vast portfolio of eyewear brands, contact lenses as well as optical lenses



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Optical Stores

A chain of optical stores under the brand Vision Opticians and Sunglass & Sunglass.

Product and Service

A comprehensive product range and customer service backed by dedicated and trained staff.


Offering customers a full optical service thanks to our eyewear specialists and qualified eye care practitioners.