At Class Instruments, we supply a diverse array of high-quality optical equipment, catering specifically to the needs of optician clinics and eye care professionals. Our extensive range includes diagnostic tools, refraction instruments, and edging equipment, all designed to provide precision and reliability in your practice. We are committed to bringing the best in optical technology to you, ensuring that your clinic is equipped with state-of-the-art instruments to deliver exceptional patient care.



Our Product Range


Diagnostic Tools

Our diagnostic tools are at the forefront of technology, enabling accurate and efficient patient assessments. We offer a comprehensive selection of instruments essential for thorough eye examinations.


Refraction Instruments

Our refraction instruments are designed to enhance your clinic’s ability to determine the most accurate prescriptions for your patients.


Edging Equipment

We understand the importance of precision in lens edging and fitting. Our range of edging equipment ensures that lenses are crafted to perfection.



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