Lens Surfacing


Established in 1992, our Lab has grown from a manual operation to automation and now specializes in the production and distribution of finished ophthalmic lenses and provides its vast range of products to local opticians and beyond.

Care has always been taken to combine both quality and technology in the production process and presently we use the avant garde "Free Form" technology. Combined with this technology our new Lab Management System calculates and prepares all manufacturing aspects such as geometric measurements of blanks, blocking tools, machine parameters etc. All data is then transferred to our existing freeform machines for processing and finishing.

All this will enable the finished lens to have a unique optimized surface which enhances the optical performance of the lens.

Our lab can produce from standard single vision lenses to the more complex progressive lenses including double progressives, individualized progressives and double sided aspheric lens. These come in various indexes and colours, light sensitive and polarized.