ZEISS SmartLife Launch


Class Optical, official distributors for ZEISS optical lenses in Malta, recently hosted a series of training sessions aimed to update the brand’s product portfolio and introduce its latest lens innovation called SmartLife.

The sessions targeted different audiences across eye care practitioners, optical store owners and their retail eyewear specialist staff.

Mr. Mario Lekic, a Zeiss specialist trainer who attended the occasion, presented Zeiss’ lens portfolio and introduced the brand’s latest product innovation known as SmartLife.

SmartLife has a unique lens design which has been specifically created in response to increasing consumer behaviour towards use of digital mobile technology. The lens’ key feature provides comfort to the eye, easing strain as one navigates between different distances (short, intermediate and distant), in quick succession. SmartLife has a wider visual field and less side distortion than other conventional lens designs.

ZEISS is structured around a Foundation model and thereby invests most of its profits in R&D. It is obsessed with improving quality vision on a global scale.

The events formed part of the SmartLife launch campaign in Malta. The new range may be found at leading optical stores.



Left: Martin Mercieca (CEO Class Optical); Right: Mario Lekic, a Zeiss specialist trainer


Left: Martin Mercieca (CEO Class Optical); Right: Mario Lekic, a Zeiss specialist trainer