ZEISS Award for Exceptional Performance


Class Optical has recently achieved an award for its high growth performance covering the commercial period October 2017 to September 2018 across the ZEISS optical lens portfolio.


This acknowledgement was presented to select countries emanating from the East European cluster that the company forms part. The event coincided with the ZEISS (East Europe) Distributor meeting held recently in Guangzhou, China.


Martin Mercieca accepted this ‘certificate of achievement’ on behalf of the organisation and its various departments / personnel directly involved in reaching this goal.


Seen in the photo - from left:

Gergely Rósa – ZEISS Vision Care – Commercial Director - East Europe Cluster
Edwin Fogarassy – EDY Optic – Managing Director - ZEISS Distributor Romania
Martin Mercieca - CLASS Optical Group - CEO - ZEISS Distributor Malta
Kavierina Maryna – Optic Dias - Manager - ZEISS Distributor Ukraine
Mikhail Buzykin - Optic Dias – General Manager - ZEISS Distributor Russia
Boris Dejonckheere – ZEISS Vision Care – Vice President Sales Development - ZEISS International