New State-of-the-Art Laboratory

2024 – Class Optical Manufacturing proudly announces the completion of the refurbishmentof its new state-of-the-art laboratory, a milestone that marks the culmination of efforts spanning over four decades. Initially conceptualized before 1983, the lab has undergone a remarkable transformation from its humble origins to become a cutting-edge facility. 
Every step in the development process has seen the addition of advanced instruments and machinery, significantly enhancing the lab’s capabilities in terms of volume, precision, and quality. Over the past two years, the lab has been in a phase of continuous transition. Remarkably, this transformation was achieved with minimal shutdown periods, a testament to the dedication and resilience of Class Optical’s exceptional staff. Many team members have decades of experience with the company, contributing invaluable expertise and stability during this period of change. 
These outstanding qualities have been rewarded with a new work environment that respects workflow efficiencies, upholds premium quality standards, and ensures excellent working conditions. The lab now boasts the capability to handle complete production processes, from blank form to surfacing, tinting, and edging. 
Class Optical Manufacturing is excited to continue its tradition of excellence in this newly upgraded facility, ready to meet and exceed the demands of modern optical manufacturing with unparalleled precision and quality.