Ray-Ban Event


On Tueday 28th May, together with Luxottica Group Class Optical organized the "Ray-Ban #proudtobelong VALLETTA" at St. James Cavalier during which the eyewear brand’s certified re-seller program and the latest collection were launched at an exciting two-part event full of games, activities, and some fierce looks.


During the day event, Ray-Ban sellers were invited to attend a complete brand immersion course, highlighting customer segmentation and the new collections. Upon completion, the attendees became authorized Ray-Ban sellers.


The highlight throughout the evening was a rooftop party that comprised a t-shirt printing station, a polaroid wall, a smash cage and live music! The presence of influencers, designers, creatives and prominent guests turned the party’s vibe into a truly memorable one.


Click here to see Lovin Malta's short clip on this event!