Premium Progressives

Class is proud to announce the launch of our new range of Premium Progressives. 


Premium Progressive lenses are designed to provide a wider and smoother view. These lenses are highly customizable for your prescription, chosen frame, and eye anatomy. These types of penses make transitioning between different prescriptions feel smoother. 


  • Premium Top offers the ultimate visual experience that minimises swim effect in peripheral zones, a superior level of comfort and faster adaptation; making these lenses ideal for sports.

  • Premium Smooth are highly personalised lenses that feature consistent great performance, sharp and high resolution vision.

  • Premium Glow lenses are versatile for everyday use, assisting eye-care patients for the various activities they participate in. Glow lenses feature an accurately balanced design for comfortable near and far vision, recommended for experienced progressive lens wearers.

  • Premium Plus lenses are intended for general use providing strong vision across all visual fields; distance, intermediate and near.

Premium Office lenses are an excellent alternative to reading lenses, designed for the office environment and professionals working from home, improving clarity of vision while reducing eye and neck strain.