Paintball Activity

This years team event for the Class Optical Limited team was all about the marketplace and to understand how important each individual is to the overall success of the company’s vision and mission. Class Optical Limited is a specialist organisation operating within the optical industry serving the local market for over thirty years. We are the market leader in Malta and have also developed a strong business network in the North African region. Our theme this time round was “The market is a battlefield”. During our day out we reminded ourselves that you can only reach a common goal if you have a plan and work together on realising this step by step.

On the grounds of “Extreme Paintball” in Ta’Qali the team was firstly briefed on the rules and the do’s and dont’s of the game, very much in line with all the regulations that apply for a company operating in the marketplace. 4 teams were competing in a tournament style challenge to capture the opponent's flag. During the first round the players quickly realised that those who communicated, made a plan and were following a strategy supported by all, balancing risk of attacking and keeping team members back to defend, had a massive advantage on the playing field compared to the ones trying to capture the flag on their own account and rushing forward without a clear plan. Strategic positioning in playing field as well as in the market is key. Keeping communication clear and to the point helps to slowly but steadily gain grounds on the battlefield as well as in the market. It was a competitive, fast paced and challenging environment but we had a great time and were reminded that you can only succeed with the right strategy, positioning and teamwork

Following the rather active paintball activity we had a relaxed afternoon meal, with some good food and drinks at “Castelletti” in Rabat. We were discussing the best strategies and acknowledged the winners and runner ups of the activity with prices while celebrating the whole team with some Bubbles. We really loved seeing our staff being engaged on this level making memories and bonding across departments and are already looking forward to our next team event.

Class Optical Ltd recently held its annual staff development day with this year’s theme - ‘The marketplace, a battle ground!’

In his brief address to the participants, the company’s CEO reflected on the marketplace that is characteristic of intense rivalry and the constant need to ‘fight’ for the customer’s attention in a highly turbulent environment. Every company in its respective industry aims to position itself in the best way that secures share of mind and share of pocket. In achieving its objective, a company relies on adopting a common goal (strategy), effective and ongoing communication (internal / external), a dedicated workforce and an efficient implementation plan (process) that aims to achieve its key objective (tactics).