Maui Jim Training at Class Optical


In March, Class Optical held two training sessions on Maui Jim Eyewear.


The two sessions were lead by Martin Billman and Andrea Salmaso. Participants were immersed into the Maui Jim brand which embodies the Aloha Spirit by providing exceptional customer service and crafting the highest quality eyewear.


Not all Sunglasses are Created Equal: A part of the session focused on the Patented PolarizedPlus2 Technology that Maui Jim offers, and all attendees were taken outside to experience all the different Maui Jim lenses by looking at various environments and elements to truly understand the value and purpose of each lens and grasp the concept that Not all Sunglasses are Created Equal.


We thank everyone for attending these training sessions, and are looking forward to see what else Maui Jim has in-store for 2023!