Leadership Training


This month the company launched a professional development programme for leaders and high potential individuals across the organisation. The programme was designed and built specifically for our employees by PsyPotential Ltd., a company that specializes in human factors in leadership.


LEAD is PsyPotential’s flagship professional development programme that is designed for people who have leadership responsibilities from middle management to C suite executives. It combines a number of highly interactive group training workshops with one-to-one
management or executive coaching. This ensures that the learning content is transferred and applied to the work context of the participants.


LEAD also includes a number of assessment and personality profiling instruments that enable participants to gain a high and accurate degree of self-awareness about their strengths as well as areas of leadership they need to work on to become more effective leaders. The programme has a core structure that focuses on three main areas of leadership recommended by psychologist Dr. Daniel Goleman, a world authority in the area of leadership competencies.


These are: Inner – the self-awareness and intrapersonal dimension; Other – The relational and interpersonal or team dimension; and Outer – the strategic and organizational dimension.


Each dimension is addressed through the seminars and coaching sessions at the degree of depth and intensity required by the group.


The power of LEAD lies in the fact that it is a bespoke programme that steers itself according to the needs of the participants. Due to the facilitative style of PsyPotential’s team of trainers, the topics and subjects covered evolve organically to meet the development needs of the group and the individual participants. This means that every participant can create a personalized professional development programme within the LEAD learning framework.


This training is partly funded though the Investing in Skills Scheme (IIS) by jobsplus through the use of EU funds.