Class Optical Welcomes Essilor

Class Optical recently held its second Symposium to celebrate the launch of Essilor’s Lens Portfolio in Malta.


The event was carried out over two days combining distinct groups within the optical sector, firstly optometrists and ophthalmologists were invited to Class Opticals Offices for a session on Essilor's Stellest Lenses for Myopia Control, presented by Thomas Martin, Director Training Essilor® Europe.


For the second event, various presentations were held at the Malta Marriott Conference Centre, which saw dispensing opticians and pharmacists participating in different workshops; the first focusing on Essilor’s Varilux Progressive Lens Technology and Crizal Anti-Glare, Scratch-Resistant Lenses; and the second on Transitions New Light Intelligent Lenses, which seamlessly adapt from indoor to outdoor lighting, simultaneously protecting your eyes from UV and blue light.


The event proved to be very successful and served to introduce Essilor to Malta and prove why it is the number one spectacle brand recommended by opticians around the world, whose values include innovation unity aligned perfectly with the event's slogan for Innovative Class and Optical Togetherness.