Robert Tua


Robert Tua was born and bred in the world of optics and has long been involved in his family outlets.

Robert furthered his studies following a number of courses in optics both in the UK and Italy. He took on the manufacturing arm of the company since inception of the venture. Class has almost always been involved in production, first of contact lenses and now in the manufacture of optical lenses.

To Robert this involvement in manufacturing came naturally as he was always fascinated by the technical side of things. He kept in touch with the latest developments by travelling extensively to other manufacturing plants and attending fairs to keep the local plant updated with the latest technology available on the market.

Robert is today taking more of a consultant’s role, overseeing the transition to the new generation and the well-planned move to have non-family members involved in the running of the company.

Robert is a very keen boats man and enjoys spending time away from the island sailing. He also boasts an interesting first to sail the Atlantic on a Maltese boat.