Kerstien Gabarretta

Kerstien Gabarretta has always been involved in the family optical business. So he found it more than natural to study Optometry. He attended Bradford university from 1991-1994 and graduated with honours.

Before coming to Malta, Kerstien practiced his specialization during a placement year at Auckland Opticians in Yorkshire gaining valuable hands-on experience. He successfully succeeded his exam to become a member of the prestigious.

British College of Optometrists which title he holds to date.

He has been practicing optometry since 1995 registered under the Council of Professions Complementary to Medicine (CPCM) and for five years, (2008 to 2013), served as board member for this council.

He now serves as a member of the subcommittee regarding Optometry with CPCM and is a member of The European Academy of Ophthalmic Opticians.

He was appointed board member of Class in 2014 and has brought his expertise and passion for optics and the study of eye-care to a company that has always been a guarantee of value and quality.