Cyril Gabarretta

Cyril Gabarretta has been involved in retailing eyewear since early adult life. After studying dispensing and training abroad, Cyril opened a boutique optician’s outlet in 1965.

Times change and choice and fashion in glasses today are drastically different, but Cyril has always been at the forefront of the latest trend in anything connected to eyewear.

In 1983 Cyril, together with Robert Tua, was instrumental in launching Class, which would become Malta’s main distributor to the optical trade.

Cyril remained passionate about fashion in eyewear and till some time ago, while he was joint managing director, he was directly involved in selection and purchasing of collections. He has always been after innovation and was one of the first to actively market and encourage the usage of contact lenses in Malta.

Today Cyril is less involved in the daily running of Class but his opinions and expertise are still sought-after by the new management.

Besides his love of anything connected to eyesight and eyewear, Cyril is actively involved in social work connected to the Millennium Chapel in Paceville.